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urdban | PT | platform 'bioneiro@Aveiro' (pioneers in bio-development)

Bioneiro@Aveiro is a new platform and experimental design laboratory in bio-developments supporting the local circular economy of the city of Aveiro (Portugal).

Projects like 'urban forestry planning' against 'urban heat stress', or Phytoremediation to reduce pollution on heavy metals in the lagoon of Aveiro, new uses with algae productions or 'salinas de Aveiro 2.0' and many more design / biotech startups.

The platform is created to bring local knowledge from university, corparate business and local craftmanship together. This to stimulate new cross thinking and finding new alliances which could follow up to new businesses. With these new bio-developments, the local urban landscape and economy is ready for the next century...

Urdban is the initiator of Bioneiro@Aveiro

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