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urdban | about

urdban is an international office on urban design & sustainable development

founded in 2016 by urban designer Eric Bijlard.


Eric Bijlard is a Dutch educated urban designer and civil engineer with broad expertise and skills in the urban field. His creative and innovative thinking allows him to find solutions in the complex practice of the urban development.


Eric Bijlard started his working career over 25 years ago in the civil engineering industry and developed himself overtime into an urban designer and developer. This gives him an ​outstanding view on the complexity of urban developments. It allows him to bring an optimized solution between spatial, sustainable design, civil engineering, planning and budgeting.

His passion is to work on highly sustainable urban environments which are in constant overlap between city and landscape. By using smart design solutions, he helps the build city and public realm gradually transform into a more sustainable ‘green’ urbanism.

​​His ability to work on strategic and visionary master-planning as well as on fully detailed architectural designs and engineering, gives him the opportunity to work in a broad variety of projects and organisations.


Eric Bijlard is by nature a team-player. This he proved in many successful competitions and tenders he attended over the past years.


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